Berrynarbor holds so many happy memories. In the summer months when I was a little boy I used to earn money not delivering papers like some but raking the cut grass on the camp site in Berrynarbor. I used to work along side Paul, the owners son and Tom an elderly gentleman that used to live permanently on the site in a caravan. Paul used to cut the many acres with a flymo, then after he had cut a large enough patch help me and Tom rake, I loved it. When I was older I added dustbin collection to my list of jobs as I was then strong enough to lift the bins and empty them into the trailer (also meant I got more money as I could do more jobs). My favourite local beach was Hele Bay, my grandparents used to take me, I used to spend hours looking and finding life in the rock pools.

Berrynarbor, North Devon

  and Sterrage Valley

To me, Berrynarbor and Sterrage Valley are inseparable. I have enjoyed many a long circular walk that started at Berrynarbor, through Sterrage Valley and back.